Places to turn

If you are like me, I wanted to know everything I could about Stillbirth. I searched high and low and found there is a lack of information out there but I did find a few helpful sites. After learning all I could, I wanted to know I wasn’t alone. There are many different virtual sites and support groups that I tried out. Some of them made processing our loss a little more difficult as daily reminders would pop up in my news feed. Some of them had their place for a few months and then I let them go. Do what works best with the place you are in.


Tommy’s. I found there to be a lot more research about stillbirth overseas than in the US. This site had some useful information on it.

Calan’s Heart. I met Calan’s mom in a loss support group through my church. She has put together a great website with local resources and support. Dayton area.

Star Legacy Foundation. This site has some great information and can connect you to other loss families. They also have virtual support groups.

SOARS. Ohio Study of Associated Risks of Stillbirth. In 2019, there was not much data in the state about stillbirth. They are working to change that with this study.

Social Media

Pregnancy After Loss Support
I joined this for hope. I honestly couldn’t take the sadness in some of the other groups so I joined this knowing I would try again for a baby and once I did become pregnant with our rainbow, this site was so helpful in keeping me sane through the journey. They also have different pages depending on when your loss occurred.

No Foot Too Small
They celebrate angels and unite families. This is a nice place to go to see you are not alone in loss.

Still Standing Magazine
They post very real, relatable articles from other loss parents. I used this a lot during the first few months after my loss. A warning: some of these articles can get sad. Make sure you are in the right place for them.

Brave Mamas. I interviewed the creator of this group on my podcast. It’s for any mom who has endured struggles with infertility, bereavement, pregnancy or child loss or foster care.

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