Samuel’s Space

Sometimes during this journey you get so caught up in your own space that you don’t realize the impact your story has on someone else. I was completely shocked that friends I volunteer with at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Dayton went above and beyond in helping us remember our sweet boy by naming one of their rooms in his memory.

Samuel’s Space is now what the playroom is called at this house. For those of you who don’t know, there are Ronald McDonald Houses all over the country, usually located next to a children’s hospital. They allow families of sick kids in the hospital to stay close to their child for free. It’s a huge relief to not have to drive back and forth all the time.

Many of these families have other kids that come with them. Samuel’s Space is a place where they can go to play and feel normal.

Stillbirth is a weird place between life and death and as loss parents we really work hard to not let the world forget them. This gesture touched my soul not only because Samuel’s name is there but because other people remembered him.

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